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By Ray Tincher | For The Times-Post

From Jan. 10-15, 1982, the second brutal cold snap of winter sent temperatures to an all-time record lows in dozens of cities. There were several commercial airliner crashes during 1982, including the famous U.S. Airforce “Thunderbirds.” Four of their T-38 aircraft crashed during a demonstration in Nevada. All four of the pilots were killed.

Who remembers the first Commodore 64 8-bit home computers? It is estimated computers have doubled in memory every five years since. They control most of our lives through medical records and other personal records. Elementary students learn how to operate a computer and run programs. In addition, the first computer virus called the Elk Cloner, written by a 15-year-old boy, infected Apple II computers.

Also in February 1982, a guy who graduated from Ball State University and served as a weatherman on an Indianapolis television station, David Letterman, debuts on NBC. Bill Murray was his first “Late Night” guest. Thirty-three years later, Bill Murray would be Letterman’s last guest on his show. Another unusual event involving a different kind of star occurred in March 1982; All nine planets recognized at that time were aligned on the same side of the Sun.

In May 1982, a crowd of more than 100,000 people attended the first day of the 1982 World’s Fair, in Knoxville, Tennessee. President Reagan gave a speech on opening day. During the six months of the fair, more than 11 million people (about twice the population of Arizona) attended the event. In other world events during this period, the Falklands War was in the regular news.

The groundbreaking ceremony for the Vietnam Memorial took place in Washington, D.C. The Weather Channel aired on cable television in the United States as a 24-hour all-weather station. The first edition of USA Today went to print in the United States. In Orlando, Walt Disney Co. opened its second theme park, EPCOT Center, to the public.

In Indianapolis, Gordon Johncock won the Indy 500. This Was his second win. He beat Rick Mears by the closest margin ever – 0.16 seconds. In the National Football League Players Association, a strike was called. This was the first time in 63-years a work stoppage was called during the season, which lasted 57 days. And in September 1982, Princess Grace of Monaco had an automobile accident. She later died of those injuries.

Back in the Lapel, Indiana, Dr. Stephen Wright opened his medical practice. Lorraine Wright was also named Senior Citizen of the Year. The Rev. Joe Wagner was also honored with a plaque as benefactor of the year, at a Lions Club meeting. Other nominated senior citizens of the year were Edith Davis, Fred Huffman and Dorothy Bolender.

Principal Marvin Pike had an interesting hobby of collecting Civil War memorabilia. He was proud of his collection and demonstrated his knowledge, lecturing to clubs and organizations. He also had the huge responsibility of guiding teachers and students toward the greatest possible education.

The local school board was represented by Superintendent Gene Heinser, Assistant Superintendent Paul Davis, George Likens, Kenneth Hosier, David Woodward, Ron Stephenson, Charles Clark and Fred St. John. Daniel Davisson was corporation attorney.

The success of any school district depends on the harmony of staff working as a team. The other members of that team were Jerry Kemerly, assistant principal, Peggy Stephens, treasurer, Judy Lane, secretary, Ruth Bayler, school nurse, Robert Adams, Robert Allison, Margaret Anderson, Michael Andrews, Jacqueline Arrick, Steve Babbit, Carol Bauner, Susan Bayley, Joe Buck, Joan Casey, Dorinda Cassiday, Richard Cassiday, Diane Clark, Pam Collins, Debby Davis, Janet Eisenbise, Woody Fields, Bill French, David Fuqua, Mary Gehlbach, Trudy George, Catherine Gillispie, Denise Gray, Cheryl Hensley, Sue Hersberger, Jack Howell, Caroline Howenstine, Marsha Hudson, Dallas Hunter, Patty Huntzinger, Marianne Julius, Genevieve Lyon, Harold Markle, Donald McDermit, Sharon McDermit, Charles McNew, Brenda Mills, Sue Morris, Lucille Rockey, Lori Ruth, Larry Schuler, Gregory Scott, Joe Shepard, Jerry Shepherd, Steve Short, Jean Sigler, Patricia Stewart, Julie Stoner, Lisa Storm, Carol Swan, Jeannine Terhune, Zoe Ann Terhune, Donald Trisler, Ann Elizabeth Whalen and Cynthia Wickizer.

The sponsors of the 1982 senior class were Joe Buck and Sue Hersberger. Being seniors, who were finally graduating after 12 years, was indescribable. It was both an end and a new beginning. Students had passed all of their exams and were ready to face the world. The class president was Ronald James Nunes; Marie Zink was vice president, Jill Marie Sandala served as secretary and Jane Elizabeth Muse was treasurer.

Other graduates were Susan Allison, Brenda Andretta, Diane Arnold, Chad Banter, Patricia Barker, Tina Marie Barker, Lisa Beach, Terry Bilbrey, Pamela Blackmond, Laren Bodenhorn, Krista Bodenhorn, Mark Broyll, Belinda Breeck, Jennifer Brehm, Kimberly Brooks, Anthony Allen Brow, Davia good team Cantrell, Russell Castor, Paul Cecil, Beth Cookman, Gayle Lynn Cox, Rex Delph, Brenda Due, Steven Due, Faith Edenfield, Thomas Edgreen, Lynn Erwin, Rich Etchison, Brad Everitt, Cheri Finney, John Foust, Bradley Garrison, Scott Givens, Karin Gray, Mark Griffin, Susan Gudger, Jama Hackleman, Joelle Hardwick, Del Buddy Harrington, Glenn Henry, Michael Hormell, Alan Hull, William Humphrey, Daniel Huntzinger, Darwin Huntzinger, Jill Jarrett, Timothy Lee Johnson, David Kimmerling, Andrea Kirby, Karl Kleeburg, Michael Lawther, Lisa Lee, Lori Lewis, Tammy Lewis, Tracy Manifold, Patricia May, Scott McCoy, Angela McIntire, Daniel Milburn, Robert Miller III, Lori Morton, Robert Mountcastle, Paul Peckens, Randi Pettigrew, Richee Pickett, Diana Lynn Prater, Jillayne Raper, Christi Raymer, Kelly Rector, Bryan Reed, Rebecca Rhea, Brett Rice, Peggy Rich, Donna Savino, Amy Jo Shelton, Randy Shetterly, Henry Snyder, Vicki Jo Snyder, Kirk Spaulding, Michelle Stalets, Cynthia Tarvin, Michelle Turner, Kenny Welch, Thomas West, Larry Wiley, Stephanie Wisner and Sherry Wolfe.

Rod McGuire kept the halls spic and span. Shirley Whitmill knew how to dust an area. You need good cooks to serve good meals. Wilma Shupe, Janice Alsobrook, Annabelle O’leksy, Jolene Mills, Sue Taylor, Delores Bauer, Susan Clouse, Ruth Goff, Jessie Hopkins and manager Ruth Hendricks served those meals.

However, none of the above would have worked if the bus drivers failed. Bruce Bagley, Vivian Kimmerling, Diane Lawther, Herschel Teeters, Rosalie Stottlemyer, Bud Bagley, Wayne McClintock, Jim Hall, Ralph Welch and Rick Hall tried to be on time and have the buses warm.

Bus drivers (from left) Bruce Bagley, Vivian Kimmerling, Diane Lawther, Herschel Teeters, Rosalie Stottlemyer, Bud Bagley, Wayne McClintock, Jim Hall, Ralph Welch and Rick Hall.

In 1982, several people were recognized. The Optimist Club honored Kenny Welch with the MVP award for basketball, and Randie Pettigrew received a trophy for free throw 80.8%. Dan Huntzinger received the Mental Attitude plaque, and Skeeter Henry and Todd Snyder tied for the number of pins in wrestling award.

In girls sports, Patty Moore received a plaque for points scored in volleyball; Karen Bodenhorn received the Mental Attitude award in basketball; Jama Hackleman was the and tied with Shelly Mills in free throws winner in basketball.

In football, Paul Cecil received the award for outstanding offensive lineman; Rickee Pickett and Bill Humphrey received awards for outstanding defensive lineman, and Mark Boyll was awarded the most outstanding offensive running back.

Brenda Due was valedictorian. Co-Salutatorians were Lisa Bodenhorn and Jane Muse.

Amy Simmermon and Julie Likens were named as delegates to Girls State. Daryl Looper and Todd Whisman were named Boys State delegates. LHS band awards went to MVP band member Russell Castor. Lisa Bodenhorn was awarded most outstanding drill team member. Ron Nunes and Todd Snyder served as pages for State Rep. Dellinger (R-Noblesville). Faith Edenfield was awarded the John Phillip Sousa band award. Shannon Barker received a gold watch from Brockway Glass for being most outstanding in music. Brenda Andreatta received the DAR award.

Looking in the rearview mirror at 1982, Lapel students are the luckiest in the world. Most people need to be in contact with other people in order to survive and live a healthy, happy life. Often, relationships develop between students and teachers throughout their entire years of education. The smallness and closeness at LHS contribute to lasting memories. And they both receive help from these relationships, making them a better people.

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